Affirmative Alternatives
Anxiety and Stress
Yes, You Can Manage Anxiety!
In various forms such as panic attacks and phobias, anxiety and stress adversely affect millions of Americans. Fortunately, there is relief for most people who suffer from these conditions. And the first step in alleviating these problems is to seek help.
How the Affirmative Alternatives method works
Using relaxation and other hypnotic techniques, we explore the difference between anxious behavior and non-anxious behavior. Simple techniques are taught to you which help you reduce tension and stress. In addition, your history of anxiety will be discussed to identify critical personal issues. This information provides the groundwork for future sessions to address specific needs.
Hypnosis is an everyday experience
You literally spend part of each day in a hypnotic state. Watching television, getting absorbed in a good book, jogging, sitting in front of the computer or lying in bed before you drift off to sleep--all of these produce a hypnotic state of being simultaneously relaxed and focused in your awareness. Your unconscious mind is most receptive to positive suggestions for change in this state. Having this state induced by a skilled hypnotherapist is a pleasant and completely safe experience, for no hypnotist can make you do anything you do not want to do. Your unconscious mind tends to accept only positive suggestions. Your conscious mind rejects suggestions that are not consistent with your beliefs and values.
Change is easier than you think
Many of us have been led to believe that any significant change involves large amounts of time, suffering, and almost superhuman effort. Our experience has been that most people can make needed changes in their lives when they truly understand the challenge they face and when they have solid support.
Yes, you can manage your anxiety!
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