Affirmative Alternatives
Weight Loss

Yes, You Can Lose Weight!

Affirmative Alternative's weight program emphasizes the importance of identifying where you are now and where you want to be. Diets don't work and do work depending on how you define "diet". Using visualization and hypnosis, Lois Koufman and the client work together to achieve specific goals for good health and fitness. A number of sessions are necessary depending on the weight loss objective.

We will utilize hypnosis each time and also employ self-hypnosis. There are typically homework assignments which provide the continuity for success. Keeping a food diary enables the client to develop increased self-awareness and allows an ongoing assessment of daily intake.

If the individual believes the program will work and wants to be successful, then this is for you.  YES, you can take control of what you eat and the amount of physical activity or exercise you engage in. Self-discipline can be developed with Affirmative Alternatives techniques.

In identifying what the support resources are, one can successfully call upon these to insure positive results.  Each day offers new opportunities for learning and growing awareness.  The benefits of healthier eating and accelerated movement provide increased self-esteem and a sense of personal empowerment.